Student Success Center


Following the approval of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 2010, the Center for Student Success (CSS) was charged with the direction and implementation of the QEP. CSS functions as a “One Stop Shop”; housing Academic Advisement, Student Retention Services, and Career Placement and Service Learning. 

The goal of the CSS is to teach students to apply and value strategies to successfully navigate their chosen course of study for the attainment of academic and vocational goals. In doing so, CSS focuses on designing a coherent and well-coordinated institution-wide first year experience (FYE) that addresses the special learning needs of entering freshmen. 

CSS plans to accomplish this by coordinating with faculty who primarily teach first year courses, departmental academic advisors, and other support services to deliver an integrated and holistic FYE. Accordingly, the central component of the FYE is an academic advisement program that combines career coaching with academic advising to form an intrusive advisement approach to address the needs of entering freshmen.


At SUSLA, the academic advising program uses an intrusive advisement approach to address the needs of first time entering freshmen at-risk students. Initially, coupled with career coaching, intrusive advisement proactively helps all at-risk students explore and discover their interests, strengths, and challenges in selecting a program of study. This is followed by the development of the appropriate interventions to address the specific risk factors of these students. Academic Advising


The primary focus of the Retention Program at Southern University at Shreveport is to increase the retention, persistence, degree attainment, and graduation rate of students admitted to the college either as first-time freshmen or transfer students. Major services provided by the Retention Office include: working with faculty members and academic advisors to implement an “early alert” notification system as a means of monitoring student attendance and progress in classes; intervening appropriately with students who have been identified as having frequent absences, and monitoring the midterm progress of students who have been placed on probation. Student Retention Services