IT Video Conferencing

Compressed Video Conferencing Classrooms

Video conferencing Facilities
Southern University at Shreveport maintains two compressed video conferencing classrooms.

  • The J. Bennett Johnston, Jr. Video Conference Classroom is located in Room B-10 of the Stone Lecture Hall.
  • The Metro Center houses a compressed video classroom on the third floor in Room 311.


  • Requests for use of the Video Conferencing facilities shall be forwarded to the Information Technology Center at least one (1) week prior to the date needed (Some exceptions may apply).
  • Access by the general public is not allowed.
  • The Video Conferencing facilities shall be available for University uses and other use complying with the University Community Outreach goals.
  • Distance Learning Classes shall take precedence over all other requests for the use of Videoconferencing facilities.
  • Qualified staff and/or faculty member shall supervise the facilities while in use.
  • The handling of Videoconferencing equipment shall be restricted to personnel trained in the operations of the equipment.
  • Removal, tampering, or rearranging of equipment, furniture, and other resources is not allowed.
  • The use of resources in the Videoconferencing facilities for personal or commercial projects is strictly prohibited.

For more information, contact:

Fred Moss IV