IT Network & Wireless Services

SUSLA Network & Wireless Services

  • The SUSLA network is a complex set of hardware (servers, routers, switches, etc.) and software (the Microsoft™ NT Server family of operating systems) used to connect computer users and various University technology resources together and facilitate knowledge and information exchange between the faculty, staff, and students.

    SUSLA VPN provides employees highly secured remote access and site-to-site connections to data, voice, video, and application systems. Emulating the main office desktop experience, the Remote Access VPN enables faculty and staff to work virtually from anywhere and access campus resources (file share, printers, VoIP phones, Banner, etc.) as if they were in the office.
  • What resources are available?

      Several resources are available and new resources are being added and/or upgraded. These services include, but are not limited to:
    • •File and application sharing
    • •Printer and device sharing
    • •Internet access
    • •E-Mail & Calendar access
    • •ERP and ease of access/support software
  • How do I access the network?

      Accessing the network is easier than you think! If you have a wifi-enabled laptop, you must complete a few pre-requisites to configure your laptop to access the SUSLA wireless network. More information on this can be obtained here. .
  • How do I change my password?

      Open your web browser and navigate to the Password Help page for instructions on managing and changing your password.
  • What are network drives, how do I access them?

      When you register and pay for your classes, a network account is created for you to access various resources on the SUSLA network. One of these resources is a shared drive that is stored on the network. This shared is accessible when you log on to a campus pc, such as a pc in the computer lab. Your data are stored on the shared drive when you save them to the "Documents" folder on the pc. Please note that space on your shared drive, like email, is limited and should be cleaned regularly.
  • Can I get to the network from home?

      SUSLA provides and supports dial-up access to its network from an off-campus location. By using a dial-up modem plugged into a typical telephone jack, users may dial into SUSLA's network and access the internet. Although users have access to this service, local telephone charges may apply. Also, your e-mail also allows you to change and manage your network password from a remote location. In addition, certain users may qualify for access to the network using Virtual Private Networking (or VPN). VPN access allows users to access campus resources as if they were actually on-campus accessing them directly.
  • Where do I go for help?

In addition, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for on our website, you may contact ITC directly by calling (318) 670-6490.