Academic Outreach

The Division of Academic Outreach Programs is comprised of two departments: Early Start (Dual Enrollment) and Off-Campus Enrollment.

Department of Early Start (Dual Enrollment)

Dual Enrollment provides students an early start toward earning a college degree while concurrently enrolled in high school. It allows students to make a smooth transition from one educational level to another without experiencing delays, duplication of course work, or loss of credit.

The Dual Enrollment program is restricted to the enrollment of eligible secondary students in a postsecondary course creditable towards a certificate or an associate degree. Students can earn three hours of college credit per course at Southern University at Shreveport. Credit hours earned are transferable to accredited institutions of higher education.

Department of Off-Campus Enrollment

The Off Campus Enrollment Department facilitates the enrollment of students who find it more convenient to take courses at satellite locations in Shreveport/Bossier and neighboring communities. Courses taught at off campus locations must meet the same requirements of courses taught on the campus. These classes may be taught in the traditional manner or by way of compressed video.


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